L-ION & Caroline Blot

Group Shows

Female Duo



L-ION expresses and characterizes fierce, elegance, passion and sensuality through the fire, dance, contorsion, acrobatics and flow-art techniques.

He offers a visually explosive and poetic show, full of effects and various costumes, leaving his audience awe-stuck and asking for more.




is the history of a jouney diving inside yourself, to understand, to break old patterns, to learn and finally come out again even stronger.


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Is the beginning of the history, the big bang, where it all started.


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JAGO & L-ION present in all their valued creations a reflection of something deep – a history, an emotion. Starting from their themed costumes through their choreographies to their way of choosing and blending the music like puzzle pieces into a picture – they create masterpieces.

You can expect strong stage presence, choreographies, dance, acrobatics, flow-art techniques, synchronicity and a big finale with pyrotechniques.

JAGO & L-ION are a masculin duo – a blend of elegance and explosion.




WARRIORS is a tremendous show - full of colour - with different fire elements.

Their costumes and music create a nostalgic and apocalyptic ambience but modern at the same time.

WARRIORS is the Big Bang – the original explosion where everything begins – two warriors which encounter each other - not to fight against each other – but to fight together side by side against aproaching adversitys.

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SINCRON is a technical show with movements almost unable to understand, pyrotechic effects and a huge variety of costumes.

SINCRON shows two in one mirror – the sincronicity of the movements, when coming from the being are coming from the heart. The two beings are moving like drops of wáter, like one united twin flame.

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2014Introducing / Training


Introducing JAGO & L-ION shows the first results of the connecting journey of the two artists, two souls arround INDIA.

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L-ION & Caroline Blot

2014Romantic Fireshow

Romantic Fireshow

L-ION and CAROLINE BLOT – sensuality, connection and presence – creating poetic and elegant shows.

The elegance and beauty of CAROLINE with her delicate but firm movements together with the power and technical precision of L-ION are making their shows something unique.

L-ION & CAROLINE BLOT – feel the magic of this romantic show.

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Group Shows

L-ION is working with different companies – a way of expessing different artistic vibes.

He has had a clear path of growing and learning, collaborating on IBIZA together with THE MINX FX, PHOENIX IMPACT and ZENERGY FIREDANCERS.

And moreover in Germany and Belgium with groupshows and companies like MOVING FIRE ARTS, IMAGINE, DRAGONFIRE and more.

Together with his partner JAGO in



CAROLINE BLOT and CARLA MILES with whom he collaborated and created UTOPIA on Ibiza.

Creations coming from the heart from various artists - full of effects and surprises

2016Mystic Fire Theater

Mystic Fire Theater

The Mystic Show is a theatrical fire performance, combining theater, dance, flexibility and high skilled

flow-arts. The poetic core is the energetic spirit between man and woman and the evil spirit wanting to destroy it.

The touching story includes elements from contemporary to oriental dance as well as high skilled flow-arts. You are

invited to a powerful atmosphere of attraction and repulsion, seduction and romance, anger and fight.

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UTOPIA is formed by the four artists L-ION, CAROLINE BLOT, CARLA MILES and JAGO.

A show full of different fire elements, pirotechnical effects and dance.

This show represents the union of masculinity and femeninity througout the four elements.

UTOPIA – creator of dreams.

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Acrobatic Love

ACROBATIC LOVE is the union of various artists from different genres.

The show is a blend of floor acrobatics and aereals, dance and fire elements “FLOW ARTS” with a tremendous final of pirotechniques.

The show ACROBATIC LOVE is calling out for love without judgement of gender or social class, putting the art into the foreground and leaving the gossip behind.

Dance, acrobatics, fire and alot of love.

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1001 Flames Show

1001 Flames Show

Enchanting like opening the book of thousand and one nights, this fire show combines theatre, dance,acrobatics and high spinning-techniques (flow arts) like you never seen before!

The beautiful princess releases two magical geenies out of the wonderlamp and their adventures begin......

Let yourself begin taken into another world full of breakthaking images, seductive dances, music to dream away and fire spinning that you will never forget...

And of course, whit an unforgettable last chapter, the thousand and one flame-finale!!!!!


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2010Max Flame & Betty Bauer


Let yourself get seduced by this cocktail of femeninity and elegance combined with strength and full power.

An uncomparable stage setting, extraordinary costumes together with a pirotechnical finale leaving the audience awe-stuck.

Shows of fire or fetish – the most for lifting up the ambience of any kind of event.

2015Caroline Blot & Carla Miles

Caroline Blot & Carla Miles

A poetic and elegant show, suitable for any kind of event.

The female beauty together with the dance of the fire and a tremendous final with pyrotechnique will add an unforgetteable moment to your gettogether.


Extras and effects for your customized fireshow.

Heart of Fire

The heart of fire is the perfect extra to add to weddings or any kind of event.

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Fire installations

The fire installation can be included to any kind of event such as birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

With 10 meters width and 1 meter height, up to nine letters can be put up which will be lit up on fire during the performance.

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